Casey is founder at educator at Simpler Skincare. She spends the majority of her time researching ingredients and teaching women how to recognize potentially harmful substances hiding in their skin and personal care items and helping them find safer options. Today she shares a little bit of her journey with food sensitive babies. Get to know her more below.

Tell us a little about yourself and family.

I’m in Brainerd, MN. I have a 6yo daughter, 3yo, and 1yo. We love the outdoors! We live on a private little lake and spend our summers boating, swimming, fishing, and beaching. In the winter, the kids like to skate, sled and ice fish. I love the gym and spend lots of time in group fitness classes. I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease after my middle child was born and right before I became pregnant again. several of my doctors suspect that my children’s exposure to this spirochete and accompanying confections gestationally impacted them after birth. I’m symptom-free, currently, but all 3 of my kids had hyper-sensitive immune systems and my middle one was diagnosed with FPIES.

What food sensitivities did your kid(s) have as infants?

My children were sensitive to multiple foods. Dairy, soy, corn, tomato, coffee, chocolate, alcohol (brewers yeast) while nursing. They went on to have food issues after introduction to solids.

What symptoms or reactions made you suspect a food sensitivity?

My first and 3rd: projectile vomiting, inconsolable crying, tummy pain, reflux, mucous in the diaper, eczema on face. My second would spit up, quit sleeping, become irritable and clingy, diarrhea, red rash in the diaper area, eczema on their mouth.

How did you change your diet or the family’s diet?

With my first, I was on pretty much just chicken and vegetable with rice for 6 months until she started growing out of it. With 2 and 3, I was more prepared and health conscious. I ate mostly paleo with a couple modifications. I also added a probiotic and a couple supplement as recommended by my ND to aid in my own digestion of food.

Did you notice any health changes within yourself on the new diet?

Absolutely! I’ve been dairy free for 3 years because I found I had an intolerance. Because I’m eating a cleaner diet of Whole Foods, low sugar, and low grain, I have more energy, less anxiety, it’s easier to maintain my weight.

What was (or is) the hardest thing about having food sensitivities in your family and how are you managing that challenge?

We like to eat out, which makes it nearly impossible in our small community. Eating on the go when traveling or busy is also difficult when you’re not prepared with “approved” food and snacks.

Food sensitivities or allergies can be stressful or even scary for a family. How have you chosen to move forward in faith, not fear?

I see this as a blessing. My kids have grown out of most of their issues. But this experience has been an eye-opener for me in healthy eating, food additives and a functional approach to health and wellness.

What’s the most helpful thing people could do to help you during that season of breastfeeding a food sensitive baby?

My family was judgmental and it was difficult to go to family gatherings that centered around food when we would have to bring our own meals. It was stressful and a lot of time and work I didn’t necessarily have the energy for as a mom of young babes.

What advice would you give a mom who’s struggling now with a food sensitive baby?

Trust your instincts. Also, yes, it’s hard. But with the right attitude and resources, it’s much easier than dealing with a sick and screaming baby. Your pediatrician may or may not be knowledgeable or supportive. Don’t let it intimidate you. As moms, we know our babies best.

What’s one of your favorite food sensitive recipes?

I rarely use recipes. I prefer to find inspiration on blogs. Some of my favorite bloggers for recipe inspiration are Danielle Walker with Against All Grain and Nom Nom Paleo.

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