That’s how I live.
That’s what I’m working towards.
It’s what I help other female leaders create.

I’m not only an entrepreneur.
I’m not only social justice leader.
I’m not only a mom & a wife.

I’m all of those… every day focused on coaching
other high-achieving women to aim for the stars
while living their healthiest lives.

I’m passionate. I’m intense. I don’t give up.

My clients are like me…

They’re making a difference in this world (that calling and drive is always burning inside you)

They’re showing up for the business or people that depend on them.


But… dedication & vision aren’t enough.

In order to hit my goals without burning myself into the ground, I had to pause, not just rest.

I learned to connect my work with God’s supernatural help.

So I could teach you to do the same…

There’s this secret high-achieving women don’t know

Something you’re missing.

And… It causes you to show up for everyone and everything else but yourself.

It’s why hitting your goals felt so EASY but now that you’re in leadership (that you love)
everything feels so much harder.

I struggled for so many years missing it too!

I was so dedicated. So determined. Had so much belief

But, those aren’t enough.

Creating an impact but killing yourself in the process doesn’t leave a legacy.


You have to have HEALTH in order to have a


You have to have holistic health, that’s why I help my clients create life-long change
by healing all aspects of their life.


Physical. Mental. Spiritual.

I grew up believing that hard work and honest intentions was all you needed.
Injustice was wrong, so I fought it.

Work projects needed to be done, so I did them.

When I slept, what I ate, if I took breaks, and how I felt were mostly irrelevant.
I reacted to things.

I did not stop to ask if I should be doing all the things. I just woke up & handled
whatever the day threw at me.

Slowly those beliefs started to fall apart.

I was working days in the corporate world while passionately running
a ministry battling human trafficking at night. Burning the candle at
both ends led to serious health issues in myself and my family so…
I had to learn to live & lead in a different way.


  • I overworked to avoid dealing with worries,
  • I would use alcohol to “wind down” or
    “shut my brain off”,
  • I would eat comfort foods when I felt uncomfortable… Which ironically, made me feel physically awful!

I was so busy doing #AllTheThings that I wasn’t focusing on the real priorities.

I needed to look at all aspects of my life (holistically), and choose to create a daily life that supported all MY priorities and my whole self – spirit, mind, and body.


Learning how to engage my spirit and notice what I was feeling in my body,
allowed me to discern what was best for me.

I already knew I was called to change this world.
I already knew how to work with determination.
I needed to understand where & how to focus my energy.

Now, I’m still high-achieving and my days are full, but…

When I feel all the pressures, worries, frustrations, or negative self-talk rising up
I take a different approach.


take a deep breath
and shift the atmosphere around my thoughts
and feelings.


tap into God’s higher power and notice how he’s guiding me.


take action based on what I just experienced with God and trust my gut instinct.

And that’s where I got breakthrough.

“Breakthrough” = Perazim = a sudden shift or forward momentum in an issue that was previously oppressed or misunderstood.

I did a lot of work on myself.
My body needed a lot of healing.
My mind needed time to sort through past experiences and re-understand them.
My spirit just needed to sit with God’s spirit
and be refreshed.

I needed to rebuild my life & patterns
in a new way, so I could live out the fullness
of my purpose.

“Spiritual breakthrough isn’t just about breaking off something, it is also about advancing in unprecedented ways.”
– Shawn Bolz

And now I get to inspire others with my story.


  • Decided to heal my body naturally.
  • ONE DAY my body could start feeling bad, so that meant the root cause could be treated & reversed ONE day.
  • I stopped all over-processed foods and over-the-counter medications.
  • I prayed for wisdom to create healing meals.
  • I prayed for wisdom to shift my schedule & priorities.
  • Within TWO weeks my skin started to heal,
  • Within THREE months I found that my PCOS had vanished & I was now pregnant.
  • I had more energy in my 30’s than ever before.
  • In less than TWO years – I’d had a baby, reversed all my chronic aches & pains, maintained a full-time job, and helped over 13 survivors of human trafficking.


Hey there,

I’m Veronica

I live in sunny Hawaii with my husband, two kids, and large dog.

We live a life focused on not just optimal, but incredible health & impact.

I believe that YOU and I were BORN for health.

I believe we were created with a purpose and made to have the health to fuel our impact.

I believe we can do more than we can imagine.

I believe that holistic health (body, mind, and spirit) is exactly how we do it.

If you’re ready to holistically heal and
live a full life…


“Before I felt unbalanced, now I feel like I have tools that actually make a difference.”

“The realization I had during the group session gave me freedom from a burden holding me back in my personal life & work life.”