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Do you have a fussy baby?

  • Constantly Crying
  • Not Sleeping Well
  • Developing Skin Rashes or Eczema

It’s so frustrating. You want to breastfeed, but you’re tired. You’re questioning what to do next. Do things really have to be this hard?

You just want baby to be healthy and happy.

  • You want to enjoy baby coos and cute smiles.
  • You want to feel like there is some sort of schedule and order to you day.
  • You want to be able to lay baby down and actually walk away for more than 10 minutes without shrieking or howling cries starting up.

Get some answers and stop your nagging concerns.

Find out if baby is reacting negatively to something in your diet.

Watch the videos. Start with Symptom Quiz NOW. Download the food & symptom journal.

The video gives you insight into 5 Signs Your Diet is Causing Baby’s Constant Crying. With real life examples. You will also get a 5 step solution.

The symptom quiz allows you to quickly assess all of baby’s reactions.

The daily food and symptom journal will help you track reactions and notice patterns related to your diet.

  • Essential during an elimination diet.
  • Helpful aid for conversations with your pediatrician.
  • Necessary to take the guess work out of your meal planning.

An easy to use chart allows you to track every meal and snack of the day with detailed information along with documenting reactions in across multiple categories (Mood, Digestive, Skin, Sleep, Energy, and more).

The food journal is absolutely essential for any elimination diet and should always be your first step is assessing food sensitivities.

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