Angie is an attorney and empowerment coach with 2 beautiful children. Today she shares her journey of breastfeeding and caring for her food sensitive kids. Luckily both kids grew our of their dairy sensitivity, but her son still has an allergy to tree nuts. Get to know her more below.

Tell us a little about yourself and family.

I’m a happily married mom of two. My husband and I have been married almost 9 years. Our boy is 4.5 years old and our girl is 20 months old. I am an attorney at a nonprofit legal advocacy firm by day and a Joy-Focused Empowerment Coach for expectant and new(ish) mamas at all other times! I love working out at home and do some health/fitness coaching as well. I live on the beach and love it no matter the season!


What food sensitivities did your kid(s) have as infants?

Both kids had a cow’s milk protein allergy.

What symptoms or reactions made you suspect a food sensitivity?

Low weight gain, mucus in their stool, eczema-like rashes on their face and other areas.

How did you change your diet or the family’s diet?

With my first, I didn’t really know until he was almost 5 months old and it got worse with the introduction of some formula. By then I was working and it was just too hard for me to think about changing my diet and pumping enough. We went with weaning and a switch to hypoallergenic formula. The changes were amazing! With my daughter, I was paying attention based on experience and she never had a regular formula. Instead, I got off any dairy products but sometimes I’d forget and have cheese. Still, she didn’t gain much weight so we decided to start supplementing with the hypoallergenic formula at about 4-5 months and the weaning process was slower. I had pumped breastmilk and used it for a while but she had diarrhea every time she drank it so I had to give up on it and it was very emotionally difficult for me. I felt inadequate like my milk wasn’t good enough for her.

Did you notice any health changes within yourself on the new diet?

I noticed that I also do better with less dairy in my diet! Less gas and bloating. I don’t really drink cows milk anymore. I do have yogurt and cheese.

What was (or is) the hardest thing about having food sensitivities in your family and how are you managing that challenge?

The hardest for me was the feeling that my milk was not good for my kids. They no longer have a problem with dairy products and they’re healthy and happy kiddos! My oldest does have a tree nut allergy!

Food sensitivities or allergies can be stressful or even scary for a family. How have you chosen to move forward in faith, not fear?

I see that they are healthy kids and that we are keeping them safe. My son had one allergic reaction to cashews at 22 months and since then, we have kept him safe knowing and being informed of his needs.

What’s the most helpful thing people could do to help you during that season of breastfeeding a food sensitive baby?

Be supportive and maybe make sure they don’t judge if the mom decides changing her diet is too much and she’d rather give formula.

What advice would you give a mom who’s struggling now with a food sensitive baby?

I would tell her to listen to her heart and what she feels is best for her baby and herself. I would say do not do anything you’re not comfortable doing and just find out your options and decide for yourself and your family. I will support you and I will not judge you. I’m here if you want to hear my experience.

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