Alexa is a mother of 3 kids who enjoys traveling, drinking wine and spend time with her friends when is not working. Get to know her more below.

Alexa Bigwarfe


Tell us a little about yourself and family.

I live in Columbia, SC. I have 3 kids, ages 9, 7, 2 and one big puppies. I enjoy traveling, drinking wine, and spending time with my friends when I’m not working on my business and running the household. Xiliary Band

What food sensitivities did your kid(s) have as infants?

My middle child had MSPI and we were both on a very restricted diet.

Alexa Bigwarfe 

What symptoms or reactions made you suspect a food sensitivity?

Blood in her stool, reflux, discomfort.

How did you change your diet or the family’s diet?

I was nursing her, so I had to completely eliminate all dairy and soy. Which meant I went on a paleo diet, which was a HUGE change for me. But I lost a lot of weight and we didn’t have to pay for a formula that was $50/can.

Did you notice any health changes within yourself on the new diet?

Yes. I was energetic and felt fabulous and lost a bunch of weight. My doctor said there’s a good chance that I also have a dairy intolerance.

What was (or is) the hardest thing about having food sensitivities in your family and how are you managing that challenge?

The hardest part was that we couldn’t really eat out or get fast food because EVERYTHING has soy and dairy in it. I had to cook everything from scratch, which was good for us, but sometimes a pain.

Alexa Bigwarfe

Food sensitivities or allergies can be stressful or even scary for a family. How have you chosen to move forward in faith, not fear?

Thankfully my daughter’s allergy was not life-threatening, and she outgrew it by the time she was 2. We never had any real fear of it, just inconveniences from it.

Alexa Bigwarfe

What’s the most helpful thing people could do to help you during that season of breastfeeding a food sensitive baby?

Good question. I had a problem with family members not realizing it really was a big deal, and if we went to dinner at a family member’s house, I’d grill them about ingredients. A couple of times AFTER we ate dinner, someone would conveniently remember that there was actually a cup of milk in the recipe or something like that. It was frustrating.

Alexa Bigwarfe

What advice would you give a mom who’s struggling now with a food sensitive baby?

There are so many more resources now then there were when I went through this. Paleo and clean eating are all the rage, and it’s not really terribly difficult to cook fresh, whole foods. Plus, you feel better. It’s only for a season (I guess depending on the allergy) and it will go by quickly.

What’s one of your favorite food sensitive recipes?

I have really come to just love grilled meat and fresh veggies, seasoned and grilled as well.

Alexa Bigwarfe

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