In today’s post I share the natural birth story of my first child.

To give you some background info, we were living in and running a safe house for human trafficking victims.

We had 3 international ladies and 2 local ladies living with us the morning I went into labor. My mom was also visiting to be supportive. To say the least, we had quite the full house. All the ladies were anxiously awaiting the birth of my daughter, fascinated by the idea of natural birth. I didn’t quite want all the attention so I was determined NOT to wake anyone up and let them know I was in labor!

It was almost noon before the first girl awoke, she immediately came to find me. With an accusatory tone in her voice, she said “You’re in labor aren’t’ you!?” Not waiting for me to answer she continued “I know you are! You would never let us sleep in this late!” Ha! I couldn’t help myself but laugh. She knew me all too well. Soon the house was bustling with activity. By mid-afternoon one of the international ladies was trying to get me to review her resume. Translating her work experience to something worthwhile to a potential employer was no small feat. The language barrier wasn’t helping. I quickly informed her that this was not the time to ask for me help.

Soon we were leaving for the hospital. Good thing we arrived in time!

Dilated 9cm

By the next day, a few of the international girls came to visit and see our newborn daughter. Before leaving home, they noticed we had stocked the fridge full of food. They were concerned about my food sensitivities and unsure if I could eat the hospital food. They lovingly prepared and brought multiple casserole dishes to our hospital room. Essentially emptying our home fridge, but not realizing we had nowhere to store the food at the hospital. đŸ™‚ It’s the thought that counts.

So enjoy the story of my first born and natural labor while keeping the context of our home life in the back of your mind.

(Oh, and yes, I am sick with a head cold in this video)

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