I’m excited to introduce Catherine Middlebrooks from brb Yoga as our first expert on the Radiant Life Consulting Blog. Today she is sharing 3 Yoga Poses Perfect for Nursing Moms. I love Catherine’s work as a yoga instructor for busy moms and her focus on helping moms heal Diastasis Recti through her eCourse. She has been a great help to me both during pregnancy and postpartum. Read below for some wonderful stretches!


8 hours a day.

That’s a conservative estimate of the time new moms spend nursing.

That’s a full day of work!

We know that spending 8 hours a day at a computer creates repetitive strain in the body.

The same is true for nursing.

When nursing, mothers tend to round their upper body and place their head forward of their bodies. Hours spent in this position strain the shoulder and neck muscles and shorten the pectoral muscles at the front of the body.

Luckily, a few minutes of stretching can counteract the impact of all that nursing.


Check out the video of 3 yoga poses perfect for nursing mamas.

If you would rather see the photo and description of the Yoga Poses Perfect for Nursing Moms then keep on reading.

Passive Pectoral Stretch

Yoga Poses Perfect for Nursing Moms


  • Opens the front of the body, particularly the pectorals.
  • Relaxing and simple!


  • Allow the ribs to relax to the floor.
  • On each exhale, gently engage the core by drawing belly to spine.
  • Hold for 3-5 Minutes


Child’s Pose With Side Stretch

Yoga Poses Perfect for Nursing Moms


  • Gently opens the chest, shoulders, and sides of the torso.
  • Increases circulation through the front of the body.


  • Keep the hips stationary as you move the upper body to the side.
  • Send your breath into the back and side body.
  • Stay for 10 breaths.


Modified Downward Dog

Yoga Poses Perfect for Nursing Moms


  • A full body stretch, targeting the chest, shoulders, sides of body, and backs of legs.


  • Press actively into the wall with your hands and press your sit bones toward the wall behind you.
  • Try not to collapse through the ribs. Ribs stay drawn up into the torso.
  • Slightly engage the core as you hold this pose.
  • Stay for 10 breaths.


Take a few minutes each day to treat yourself to these 3 Yoga Poses Perfect for Nursing Moms. Your body will thank you!

Catherine MiddlebrooksConnect with Catherine at brb Yoga – Website | Facebook

Catherine is a certified yoga instructor with 15 years experience. She is dedicated to physical and emotional well-being. Catherine created brb Yoga to provide efficient and effective online yoga and self-care to busy moms so that they can nurture themselves in the same way they nurture their families.



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