You're a busy mom who wants healthy food.

You need food that fuels you up, not slows you down. All you want is a dinner that you can feel good about & ready in a reasonable amount of time.

You need a plan to help stay on track.

Is that too much to ask for? No, it’s not. With these plans, you can totally achieve – Simple recipes. Affordable ingredients. Satisfying meals.

What do the meal plans look like?

Meal Plan Packages

My packages are geared towards supporting your healthy choices and unique needs.

Not sure what you need?

Jump on a call and let’s talk!

I've got answers to your burning questions.

Why should I buy now?

If you buy your subscription now you could lock in your rate and not worry about any price increases.

How many recipes do we get in the meal plans?

Every Week you get 2 Breakfast, 3 to 4 Lunch/Dinners, plus Snacks & Smoothies.

Do you have vegetarian or vegan plans?

Only for customized support. Let’s talk about how I can support you.

What can I expect after I purchase a subscription?

You will receive some thank you & welcome emails. Every Friday you will awake to find the meal plans in your inbox. If you upgrade to have the groceries ordered for you, then you will see an additional email every Friday letting you know that your cart is ready.

What are the ratios of the food groups?

In general, vegetables are prioritized in our meal plans. 50% or more of the meal will be colorful veggies. 25% will be whole grain or fiber-full carbs, 25% will be protein. Fruits are incorporated into smoothies and snacks. Processed sugars are discouraged.

How can I support the social enterprise of this business?

Thank you for asking! Supporting survivors of human trafficking is where our heart is always at, stay tuned for more options on how you can join us.

My Clients Are Loving Their Results!


Yees! This is actionable and DO-able. Not overwhelming at all! I feel motivated to make these changes for my kid's health.


Mom & Self Love Genius, Shield Sisters Initiatives

It's only been 2 weeks but I'm already feeling better. I can think better. Even my son is choosing vegetables now.


Actor, Singer, Voice Coach, Callie Doan

I just want to say thank you for providing information on food journals and food sensitivities! Extremely thankful for you passing down your knowledge and experience that allows me to give my son a healthy start!♡


Breastfeeding Mom with a Food Sensitive Baby

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Veronica Lamb LLC provides information only, not medical advice. None of the content in this document prevents, cures or treats any medical condition. You are responsible for you and your child(ren)’s own well-being, actions and results. Veronica Lamb LLC expressly disclaims any liability for your reliance on any opinions or advice contained our programs and website

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